There are now several parts to the PvMail support package.

command section description
pvMail -g pvMail: graphical user interface runs the graphical user interface
pvMail pvMail: command-line interface runs the command line interface
pvMail_mail_config_file ini_config Module prints the name of the configuration file
pvMail_mail_test mailer Module tests the emailer and configuration file

One-time steps

Before you can run pvMail, you need to configure it.

First, run:


if you have not already created a configuration file. This command will create the file (if it does not exist) and then print its name to the console.

Edit this file for the particulars of how you want to send your email. Refer to the ini_config Module section for additional details about the configuration file.

Next, run:

pvMail_mail_test joeuser@example.com

(use your own email address, not Joe’s) to test that an email can be sent using your configuration. Refer to the mailer Module section for additional details about sending email. Run this tool any time you suspect that you cannot send email.

Routine usage

You can run pvMail either in command-line mode (foreground or background) or in GUI mode. Follow the links above for more details about each.